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The ISCTH Global Peace and Transformation Summit with a powerful message from Maitreya Dadashreeji - #IamPeace

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On the 28th of June 2024, the International Spiritual Council for Transforming Humanity (ISCTH) hosted the first Global Peace and Transformation Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. More than 100 action-driven leaders and influential speakers from around the globe gathered to open an honest dialogue on how to foster permanent world peace. 

History shows that when faced with chaos, people often resort to conflict, but this hasn't solved our problems. Instead, Global Peace and Transformation Summit propose a different way: the path of peace. Ask yourself, "What are you seeking?" If you are unhappy, disturbed, you have some self-reflecting to do. The chaos we see around us is a mirror of our own inner state. Through ISCTH and the growing community, we can pave the way for the great transformation. According to the powerful keynote message from Maitreya Dadashreeji, for a collective approach, as a community, there are three steps which we can build upon and implement together.

  • Right Values: Integrate compassion, empathy, and love into daily life, education, and community for peaceful relationships.
  • Right Leadership: Prioritize compassionate, community-focused leaders for a harmonious world.
  • Right Purpose: Focus on creating happy, supportive communities and guiding individuals towards positive spiritual growth.

If you feel disturbed, the antidote is peace. When you acknowledge "I am disturbed," it tends to intensify. Instead, embrace the thought "I am peace," and everything begins to settle internally. Make "I am peace" a daily affirmation, as your true nature is peace. Spend 10 minutes each day connecting with this truth. By doing so, you align your emotions and thoughts with peace. This movement, both individually and collectively, will help lay the foundation of a more harmonious world. From inner peace to world peace. #IamPeace 

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