Rosiwit Presents Total Solutions for Cleaning Cobotics at CMS Berlin 2023

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BERLIN, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rosiwit Cobotics, a leading provider of innovative cleaning solutions shown at CMS Berlin 2023, one of the most prestigious trade fairs for the cleaning and hygiene industry. Rosiwit's line-up range offers a comprehensive suite of indoor and outdoor robotic cleaning solutions, designed to meet the evolving needs of various industries.

In this international platform, cutting-edge Rosiwit Cobotics, offering comprehensive and intelligent commercial cleaning solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. It was a perfect opportunity for Rosiwit Cobotics to demonstrate the commitment to optimizing the cleaning industry through robotic technology.

As the demand for efficient and sustainable cleaning solutions continues to grow. Rosiwit, all cloud-based robots are dedicated to delivering advanced cobotics that enhance productivity, ensure cleaner and safer environments, also optimize resource utilization like water saving.

Intelligent Indoor Cleaning: Intelligent indoor cobotic solutions Skywalker 40 and 50 combine sophisticated sensors, SLAM and Lidars to deliver efficient and high-quality cleaning results. From autonomous vacuuming to floor scrubbing, also the limited area dirt tackled with manual scrubber Pilot One, Rosiwit Cobotics adapts to diverse indoor environments, reducing labor and improving operational efficiency.

Excellent outdoor Cleaning: Outdoor sweeper robot X-Rolling focus on automatic cleaning and secure cruise to outdoor tasks. Designed to tackle outdoor terrains and weather conditions, Rosiwit Cobotics ensures thorough sweeping, debris collection, and security of outdoor spaces, while reducing the need for manual intervention.

Data-Driven Insights: All Rosiwit's robots are could-based management no QR Code required with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing real-time data on cleaning performance, including cleaning area. This valuable insight empowers businesses to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

"We are thrilled to participate in CMS Berlin 2023 and showcase our Rosiwit Cobotics solutions," said Desmond, overseas sales director at Rosiwit. "Our intelligent and comprehensive cleaning cobotics are designed to transform the industry by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting sustainability. We look forward to engaging with industry professionals, sharing our expertise, and forging partnerships."

In addition, for seamless Integration and scalability, Rosiwit Cobotics integrates seamlessly into existing industrial and automatic operations, complementing human workforce and maximizing productivity. The solutions are scalable, allowing businesses to expand the related or existing cobotic fleet according to requirements, ensuring optimized cleaning performance.

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