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Zlecone: Nalco Mobotec Signs Major Air Protection Contract in Poland with Zespol Elektrowni PAK SA

24.01.2011, 11:52aktualizacja: 24.01.2011, 11:52

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NAPERVILLE, Ill., Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Nalco Mobotec, a global leader in air protection technology, announced that, as part of a consortium with engineering firm Remak Rozruch, it has signed a contract with Zespol Elektrowni PAK SA for the modernisation of one of the boilers at PAK's Patnow I Power Plant located in Konin, Poland.


Zespol Elektrowni PAK SA is one of the largest electrical power producers in Poland. This project to be implemented at boiler no. 5 in Patnow I Power Plant will result in the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions thereby allowing ZE PAK to meet for this boiler the stringent new air emission requirements under the EU Industrial Emissions Directive for 2016.

In addition, the increased combustion efficiency, assured by the technology provided by Nalco Mobotec, will contribute to the improvement of the boiler efficiency, which will allow ZE PAK to burn less lignite (brown coal), resulting in significant fuel savings.

The modernisation will include the installation of Nalco Mobotec's patented ROFA(R) (Rotating Opposed Fire Air) and ROTAMIX(R) technologies for combustion optimisation and NOx reduction, in conjunction with modifications undertaken by Remak Rozruch to upgrade the boiler firing and control systems. The 50 million PLN (more than $16.5 million) project is scheduled for completion in August 2012.

"Nalco Mobotec teams in Poland, Canada and the United States worked closely with Remak Rozruch to develop a cost-effective offering to meet the technical and budgetary needs of ZE PAK," said David Johnson, Nalco Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Africa and Middle East. "This project is a strong start to 2011 for our business in Poland and other regions throughout Europe."

Nalco Mobotec's patented ROFA technology provides the rotation of the fuel and air mixture in the entire volume of the furnace via an asymmetric boosted over-fire air system. The result is a superior mixing of air, fuel, chemicals and the proper temperature distribution that results in NOx reduction and optimized combustion. Nalco Mobotec's ROTAMIX system combines air injection nozzles with automatically regulated lances for the injection of chemicals into the furnace where the temperature is most favorable.

"These two technologies combined, deliver to PAK a solution that optimizes emissions reduction and minimizes capital expenditure," said Dwayne Kearns, Nalco General Manager, Air Protection Technologies.

About Nalco Mobotec

Nalco Mobotec is a global leader in analysis, technology and total solutions for coal-fired power plants and industrial facilities around the world who are seeking to reduce their emissions without sacrificing combustion efficiency and plant up-time. Nalco Mobotec's full array of NOx, SOx, mercury, biomass, combustion efficiency and air protection technologies provide industrial customers with solutions they can trust that deliver results. For more information visit Nalco Mobotec is a subsidiary of Nalco Holding Company (NYSE: NLC) the global leader in water, energy, air and process technologies and services that deliver savings for customers and improve the environment.

ROFA and ROTAMIX are registered trademarks of Mobotec AB.

This news release includes forward-looking statements, reflecting current analysis and expectations, based on what are believed to be reasonable assumptions. Forward-looking statements may involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results to differ materially from those projected, stated or implied, depending on many factors, including, without limitation: ability to generate cash, ability to raise capital, ability to refinance, the result of the pursuit of strategic alternatives, ability to execute work process redesign and reduce costs, ability to execute price increases, business climate, business performance, economic and competitive uncertainties, higher manufacturing costs, reduced level of customer orders, changes in strategies, risks in developing new products and technologies, environmental and safety regulations and clean-up costs, foreign exchange rates, the impact of changes in the regulation or value of pension fund assets and liabilities, changes in generally accepted accounting principles, adverse legal and regulatory developments, including increases in the number or financial exposures of claims, lawsuits, settlements or judgments, or the inability to eliminate or reduce such financial exposures by collecting indemnity payments from insurers, the impact of increased accruals and reserves for such exposures, weather-related factors, and adverse changes in economic and political climates around the world, including terrorism and international hostilities, and other risk factors identified by the Company. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that the Company will meet future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. This paragraph is included to provide safe harbor for forward-looking statements, which are not generally required to be publicly revised as circumstances change, and which the Company does not intend to update.

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