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CNNIC and IP Mirror Launches Chinese versions of ".COM" and ".NET"

01.07.2014, 16:21aktualizacja: 01.07.2014, 16:21

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New top-level domains to distinguish companies with Chinese Internet-users.

BEIJING, July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) prepares to launch ".Gongsi" (".COM" in Chinese) and ".Wangluo" (".NET" in Chinese), new Chinese-language top-level domains with IP Mirror. As Chinese equivalents of ".COM" and ".NET", businesses interested in China will find them valuable. Before the domains are open for public registration, trademark holders are encouraged to register during the Sunrise or Pioneer Periods to ensure protection for their trademark rights.

"Gongsi" and "Wangluo" are Chinese phonetic spellings to mean "Company" and "Network". Refer to the image for the actual Chinese characters of these domains.

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As China has the largest Internet user community, Chinese top-level domains are believed to embody increasing market value. Having a domain name consisting of ".Gongsi" or ".Wangluo" makes businesses more credible and accessible in the Chinese market. Sohu, a premier Chinese web portal has fully utilized ".Gongsi" and ".Wangluo" as part of its 2014 World Cup marketing initiative. Mr. Zhang Chao Yang, Sohu's CEO explains: "Unlike previous ones, this World Cup belongs to mobile devices and video-sharing websites." Sohu's Chinese-domain websites -- "Sohu Shijiebei.Wangluo" (http://xn--rhqt05c8kc46p54c.xn--io0a7i) ("Sohu World Cup") and "Baxi Shijiebei.Wangluo" (http://xn--rhqr00bc8gunoxzx.xn--io0a7i) ("Brazil World Cup"), have enabled Chinese Internet-users to quickly locate Sohu's World Cup coverage on the go; they make a unique statement about the company itself and its willingness to connect with its customers. A domain name with ".Gongsi" or ".Wangluo" gives anyone interested in the Chinese market a competitive edge.

To protect the rights of trademark holders, early registration periods of ".Gongsi", ".Wangluo" are divided into three consecutive stages. During the Sunrise Period (starting July 1, 2014), registration is only open to Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) registrants. In the subsequent Pioneer Period (from July 31, 2014), non-TMCH trademark holders registered at governmental agencies are eligible. These first-come-first-served priority registrations aid trademark owners in brand protection. In the following Landrush Period (from August 21, 2014), customers are encouraged to bid for their preferred domain names should they be contested. IP Mirror, CNNIC's close business partner, helps customers obtain their desired ".Gongsi"

( and ".Wangluo" ( domain names to stay ahead of the crowd.

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China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is a state-affiliated institution responsible for managing and operating Chinese Internet infrastructure. Serving as the national network information center, it focuses on Internet governance, domain management, development and global exchange.

About IP Mirror

Established in 2000, IP Mirror is a globally accredited registrar of over 1000 domain extensions. IP Mirror is known and trusted for the provision of corporate domain names registration and management, with strong expertise in helping companies to protect their online brands especially in the context of Asia.

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