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Art & Technology innovator 4ARTechnologies completes its unique ecosystem with secure NFT marketplace for physical and digital artworks

25.05.2021, 11:00aktualizacja: 25.05.2021, 11:04

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Zug, Switzerland, 25.05.21 - 4ARTechnologies today announced the 4ART marketplace for NFTs and digital art, the newest module in their all-in-one tool. The 4ART marketplace is the space to offer and trade NFTs with a few clicks and provides the safest way for creators and collectors to make transactions with ease.

With the new international marketplace for NFTs, the 4ARTechnologies ecosystem is now even more complete. To meet the high standards for security and transparency, only 4ART minted NFTs can be traded on the integrated marketplace.

"Our technology makes it both very easy and very safe for creators and collectors to trade non fungible tokens from secured artworks" - Kai Zeh, CTO 4ARTechnologies.

Features and benefits of the 4ART ecosystem include:

  • Minting and securing the safest NFTs with a few clicks on any smart device;
  • Make transactions without the need of an extra crypto wallet;
  • Offer and trade directly on the integrated marketplace;
  • Experience and share physical and digital artworks together in the integrated VR showrooms;
  • Transfer to other marketplaces such as OpenSea, Nifty, Binance or Tezos.

The marketplace will go online with NFT artworks by many 4ART artists, as well as international greats like Noah Becker. But also high end artworks were announced for the launch like the CryptoPunks.

The ability to mint and trade secure 4ART NFTs will be made available to selected artists in July, with full options and the complete marketplace becoming available to all users for the start of the next art market season in August 2021.

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About 4ARTechnologies

With the goal of protecting the cultural heritage of art for future generations and bringing the global art market into the digital age, 4ARTechnologies is setting a new digital standard for the art world. The company combines the blockchain with its patented technology and offers all art world participants more transparency, security and efficiency.


4ARTechnologies AG 

Dino Lewkowicz 


mobile: +41 41 740 00 50

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