“It’s about your products. Not ours”. - Packaging machine specialist ROVEMA invites to “Customized Experiences” at its Hessian headquarters

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The mechanical engineering company ROVEMA is planning a series of customized customer events for various sectors of the food industry in 2023. The events will take place at the company's headquarters in Fernwald, Germany.

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“It's about your products. Not ours”. - with this motto ROVEMA, the German specialist for packaging machines and sustainable packaging solutions starts a series of events in spring 2023 individually adapted to different sectors of the food industry.

The guests will be offered intensive personal advice and support from ROVEMA's “Packaging Experts”, live demonstrations as well as specific industry lectures and presentations on topics such as sustainable packaging or product protection.

Christoph Gusenleitner, CEO of ROVEMA, comments: “We invite our customers of today and tomorrow to discover and experience our customized solutions for sustainable packaging. What makes ROVEMA special are our individually adaptable machines, our special application know-how and our expertise in the field of sustainability. In our >>Experience Center<< at our headquarters this can be presented and understood in the most impressive way”.

With “Customized Experiences”, ROVEMA emphasizes that the company puts customers and their needs first: “We also focus on our customers and their specific product requirements. Our goal is to be at their disposal with all our know-how, which is why we're rethinking traditional trade show participation and will no longer be exhibiting at Interpack, for example. Instead, we will offer our own highly concentrated and effective events directly on our premises with our >>Customized Experiences<<, which are individually tailored to the needs of our customers” - says CSO Florian Lude.

The series will kick off in March 2023 with an event for the coffee sector. Other events, including those for the confectionery and powder industries, are planned for 2023.

Interested parties from the respective industries can register for the event at


With more than 60 years of experience, ROVEMA develops packaging systems that meet the complex requirements of modern recycling management. ROVEMA thinks holistically and sustainably. The specific requirements of the customers and their products are at the center of ROVEMA's development of efficient and sustainable packaging machines. A successful concept - ROVEMA has delivered more than 30,000 machines and lines worldwide.


Nadja Richter

Head of Marketing & Communication

tel. +49 641 409 324


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