DEKRA Builds on Excellent Fiscal Year 2023

25.04.2024, 15:00aktualizacja: 25.04.2024, 15:00

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Record Revenue Exceeds Own Expectations.

- Revenue at all-time high of 4.1 billion euros (+8% vs. 2022).

- Adjusted EBITDA grew by 7.8%, adjusted EBIT by 12.8%.

- ‘Strategy 2025’ gains momentum: Further growth expected, based on a strong core business and the Future Mobility, Cyber Security, Sustainability, and Artificial Intelligence focus areas.

2023 was an excellent year for DEKRA. Global revenue increased significantly to an all-time high of 4.1 billion euros (+8% vs. 2022: 3.8 billion euros) – exceeding the company’s own expectations and demonstrating strong growth compared to its industry peers. Earnings grew substantially to yield adjusted EBITDA of 455.5 million euros (+7.8% vs. 2022) and adjusted EBIT of 255.3 million euros (+12.8% vs. 2022).

On this basis, in 2024, DEKRA plans to fully exploit its early mover advantage in future technologies and newly established regulations. As its ‘Strategy 2025’ gains momentum, revenue growth is expected to be in the mid-single-digit range. By 2025, the year of the company’s 100th anniversary, DEKRA aims to be the partner of choice for cutting-edge TIC (testing, inspection, and certification) services in the growing business areas of Future Mobility, Cyber Security, Sustainability, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“In 2023, DEKRA once again improved its business performance – despite a tense economic and geopolitical environment,” said DEKRA CEO Stan Zurkiewicz at the company’s Annual Press Conference. “All six regions and all Service Divisions contributed to our strong sales momentum and our all-time revenue high. Our strong core businesses and our early mover advantage in future topics make us highly confident that we will grow both revenue and margins, and achieve our strategic goals.”

While DEKRA’s Americas (+27%) and Central East Europe & Middle East (+13%) regions delivered the highest growth rates in 2023, the largest revenue in absolute terms was generated in the GSA region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria: 2.6 billion euros).

From a business area perspective, vehicle-related services continued to be the primary source of revenue. DEKRA has, once more, confirmed its role as the global market leader in vehicle testing with 31.6 million tests carried out.

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