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Framo on a clear course: new investments of 15 million euros, market presence strengthened

17.06.2021, 08:15aktualizacja: 17.06.2021, 08:15

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• Top meeting of Framo GmbH, Löbichau: Investor and main shareholder Majed Al-Askar announces high investments.

• With 5 million euros in the current fiscal year 2021 and a further 10 million euros in 2022, the Saxon eTruck designers and retrofitters are once again committing to future markets.

• Research, development and battery production to be significantly expanded.

Löbichau (15.6.2021) After a top management meeting, Saxon eTruck builder and retrofitter Framo reaffirms its role as a specialized industry shaper: “We will increase investment volume by 5 million euros before the end of the current fiscal year, with another 10 million euros to follow as early as 2022 - says Majed Al-Askar, principal shareholder and investor in Framo GmbH. - We will continue to play a key role in shaping the market for emission-free heavy-duty transport".

New perspectives after change in management 

"In the past and with the previous management, unfortunately, not everything went consistently smooth - says Al-Askar. - But with new management, we have put Framo GmbH back on track. Above all, this is a team effort: we have replaced crucial positions in the management and gained an important employee in CMO and CBDO Serhat Yilmaz".

Framo accepts responsibility, good news for customers and partners

The large-scale investments are to be used in the areas of research, development and production. "We will position ourselves more broadly overall - reveals Serhat Yilmaz. - Delivery times will now be further shortened, the expansion and conversion of electric vehicles in the heavy-duty sector will be accelerated, and their range will be improved. New priorities are being set, particularly in the area of battery research and fuel cell technology“.

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CMO and CBDO Serhat Yilmaz

phone +49 36602 473330


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