Zlecone: Bombardier Inc.: Redemption Price Calculation Announcement Relating to Notice of Redemption for Any and All Outstanding Floating Rate Senior Notes due 2013

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(ISIN: XS0273978592 / Common Code: 027397859 (Reg. S) // ISIN: XS0273978915 / Common Code: 027397891 (144A))

MONTREAL, QUEBEC - (Marketwire - November 16, 2010) - (TSX: BBD.A)(TSX: BBD.B)


On November 2, 2010, Bombardier Inc. ("Bombardier") gave notice (the "Notice"), pursuant to Sections 10.01, 10.02, 10.04 and 10.08 of the Indenture (the "Indenture"), dated as of November 16, 2006, by and among Bombardier, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, as a joint Trustee, the U.S. Registrar, the U.S. Paying Agent and the U.S. Transfer Agent, Computershare Trust Company of Canada, as a joint Trustee, the Canadian Registrar and the Canadian Transfer Agent, Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch, as the London Paying Agent, the London Transfer Agent and the Calculation Agent, and Deutsche Bank Luxembourg SA, as the European Registrar, the Luxembourg Paying Agent and the Luxembourg Transfer Agent, that, subject to the terms of the Indenture, Bombardier is electing to redeem all outstanding Floating Rate Senior Notes due 2013 (the "Notes") on December 2, 2010 (the "Redemption Date") at the Redemption Price (defined below) and on the terms set forth in the Notice. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this announcement have the meaning specified in the Indenture.


In the Notice, Bombardier undertook to announce on November 16, 2010 the definitive Redemption Price of the Notes, once the Applicable Rate had been determined by the Calculation Agent pursuant to the terms of the Indenture. Bombardier hereby announces that the Redemption Price is as follows:

Redemption Price: EUR1,001.97 per EUR1,000.00 principal amount of Notes, consisting of EUR1,000.00 in principal amount plus EUR1.97 in accrued and unpaid interest to, but excluding, December 2, 2010.

All other terms of the redemption remain as set forth in the Notice. In accordance with the Indenture, in order to collect the Redemption Price, a Holder must surrender (or transfer by book-entry transfer) the Notes to the Paying Agent at one of its addresses as follows:

Deutsche Bank Trust

Company Americas,

60 Wall Street,

MS NYC 60-2710

New York, New York 10005

United States of America


Deutsche Bank AG,

London Branch,

Winchester House,

1 Great Winchester Street,

London EC2N 2DB,

United Kingdom


Deutsche Bank Luxembourg SA,

2, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer,

L-1115 Luxembourg


The Notes will become due on the Redemption Date. The Redemption Price will be paid promptly following the later of the Redemption Date and the time of surrender of the Notes to the Paying Agent. On the Redemption Date, the Redemption Price will become due and payable upon each Note to be redeemed, and, unless Bombardier defaults in paying the Redemption Price, interest on the Notes will cease to accrue on and after the Redemption Date.

No representation is made by Bombardier as to the correctness or accuracy of the ISIN numbers and Common Codes listed in this notice or printed on the Notes. They are included solely for the convenience of the Holders.

If you have any questions concerning this announcement or the Notice, please contact Andrew Baranowsky, Senior Director, Corporate Finance and Administration, at (514) 861-9481 or via mail c/o Bombardier Inc., 800 Rene-Levesque Boulevard West, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1Y8, Canada.

Taxpayer Information:

A Holder may be subject to a $50 penalty imposed by the United States Internal Revenue Service (the "IRS") and backup withholding at a rate of 28% of the redemption proceeds payable to a Holder unless the Holder (i) establishes that he, she or it is a corporation or other exempt Holder or (ii) provides an accurate taxpayer identification number on an IRS Form W-9, and makes the appropriate certifications set forth in IRS Form W-9 under penalties of perjury. For further information concerning backup withholding and instructions for completing IRS Form W-9 (including how to obtain a taxpayer identification number if you do not have one and how to complete IRS Form W-9 if the Notes are held in more than one name), consult the general instructions in IRS Form W-9. Each Holder that is not a U.S. person (as defined in the general instructions in IRS Form W-9, such Holder referred to herein as a "Non-U.S. Holder") generally must submit a properly completed applicable IRS Form W-8 (rather than an IRS Form W-9), certifying, under penalties of perjury, to such Non-U.S. Holder's foreign status in order to establish an exemption from backup withholding. An applicable IRS Form W-8 or IRS Form W-9 and instructions to any of these forms may be obtained at the IRS website at


Bombardier Inc.

Andrew Baranowsky

Senior Director

Corporate Finance and Administration

tel. 514-861-9481

via mail c/o Bombardier Inc.

800 Rene-Levesque Boulevard West

Montreal, Quebec H3B 1Y8, Canada

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