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Secustos readers from sesamsec: style meets performance

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Munich, 09.02.2023 – A modern, timeless design and a wide range of options characterize the new Secustos line of readers from access specialists sesamsec. This makes the devices ideal for all areas of application in which equally high demands on function and aesthetics must be met.

sesamsec offers a broad portfolio of powerful, universal readers. When developing the Secustos line, the company focused not only on technical aspects but also on design.

The new wall readers are characterized by their exceptionally flat design and the use of high-quality materials such as glass and metal, making them suitable for use in prestigious buildings where aesthetics are a priority. The reader is available with or without a keypad and in a light silver or charcoal finish. With options for either flush-mounting or surface mounting and heavy-duty cable connections, Secustos is suitable both indoors and out.

Secustos readers support almost all known LF and HF contactless technologies (125 kHz and 13.56 MHz) along with NFC or BLE-based mobile credentials, and are available with both Wiegand and OSDP interfaces. A high level of security is provided by encrypted data communication. Proximity and brightness sensors enable convenient and secure use. sesamsec provides regular firmware updates and supports field configuration for a future-proof access solution.

About sesamsec

sesamsec is an international access control specialist, from simple single-door solutions to complex smart campus systems. Headquartered in Merching, they develop secure, user-friendly access systems and innovative solutions such as Physical Access Control-as-a-Service (PACaaS). sesamsec provides hardware, software and system components as a total system or as individual elements.

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sesamsec GmbH:

Sarah Denk

Zeppelinstraße 1

82178 Puchheim


tel. +49 89 5529961-180


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